Hindi Will Destroy Marathi Language, Culture and Identity in Mumbai and Maharashtra (Tamil Tribune)

“A people who do not know their roots, culture and heritage would soon lose their identity as a people. This sad state of affair awaits the Marathi people if effective action is not taken by the Maharashtrian government and people on the language front now…”

“Marathi people should either accept that Marathi language would continue to decline in Maharashtra or chart a course of action to protect Marathi.”

The above statement is a part of an article by a Tamil writer Thiru Thanjai Nalankilli, that was published in the ‘Tamil Tribune’. After reading the article, one cannot help but appreciate the detailed study and clear analysis carried out by the author as well as the perfect remedy suggested by him to all the Maharashtrians in order to get out of these vicious conspiracy. At the same time the author has also sounded a word of caution to all other states lest they take a view of indifference and complacency.

The article must be read and pondered over by every Maharashtrian who is genuinely proud of Marathi language, culture and identity. Please check out at the following link.

Amrutmanthan_Hindi Will Destroy Marathi Language_Tamil Tribune_100728

Please read the article carefully, ruminate over it and do present your thoughts and comments below for a serious and detailed discussion.

– Amrutyatri Group


P.S. A Marathi translation of the above article is also available at the following link.

हिंदीमुळे मुंबईतील आणि महाराष्ट्रातील मराठी भाषा, संस्कृती व स्वत्व नष्ट होण्याचा धोका (तमिळ ट्रिब्यून)


The analysis and remedy presented in this article were also discussed in the following articles published earlier on this blog.

हिंदी ही राष्ट्रभाषा? एक चकवा! (ले० सलील कुळकर्णी, लोकसत्ता, १५ नोव्हें० २००९)

एकच अमोघ उपाय – मराठी एकजूट !! (ले० सलील कुळकर्णी, लोकसत्ता, २० डिसें० २००९)


7 thoughts on “Hindi Will Destroy Marathi Language, Culture and Identity in Mumbai and Maharashtra (Tamil Tribune)

  1. Tamils have always been insecure about their identity. Probably that is the reason why they have never contributed anything for India be it the freedom struggle or the current India’s growth. Tamils have always tried to put their failure over the hindi speaking community. I am a marathi living for 20 years in lucknow. I have never felt that hindi people have tried to dominate others but events like what MNS did in Maharashtra certainly will create problems for us. Lucknow is a very old cosmopolitan and their are many marathi and bengalis settled here from a long time. I feel that these Tamils are a bigger threat to India’s unity than Naxals and Pakistanis. Jai Hind!

    • प्रिय श्री० राहूल भालेराव यांसी,

      सप्रेम नमस्कार.

      तमिळांबद्दलचे आपले मत वैयक्तिक दिसते. त्यामागचे कारण आम्हाला ठाऊक नाही.

      हिंदी राज्यांमध्ये हिंदी भाषकांना मुद्दाम अन्य भाषकांवर दबाव टाकण्याची आवश्यकताच नसते. कारण इतर कुठल्याही राज्यात परप्रांतीय तेथील स्थानिक संस्कृती व भाषेशी जुळवून घेतोच. केवळ हिंदी भाषक मंडळीची वृत्ती “आमची भाषा ही राष्ट्रभाषा आहे, म्हणून ती सर्वांनाच माहित हवी. आम्ही इतरांची भाषा शिकण्याची आवश्यकता नाही.” अशी असते. अर्थात इतर राज्यात त्यांची डाळ फारशी शिजत नाही. पण महाराष्ट्रात मात्र आम्ही मूर्ख मंडळी हिंदी-राष्ट्रभाषा हा अपप्रचार स्वीकारून स्वतःच्या भाषेच्या जागी हिंदी प्रस्थापित करून स्वभाषेच्या विनाशाचे कार्य करतो. ह्याला कारण म्हणजे प्रथम आमचाच करंटेपणा आहे व मग हिंदी भाषकांची संकुचित वृत्ती व खोटा अहंकार.

      आपण खालील लेख वाचले आहेत काय?




      – अमृतयात्री गट

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