Why does my child do Sanskrit in the school? (by Rutger Kortenhorst)

Rutger Kortenhorst, a Sanskrit teacher in John Scottus School in Dublin, Ireland, speaks on the value of teaching Sanskrit to children, based on his own experience with the language. 

The educationists, linguists, policymakers and politicians in India too need to go through his speech carefully. 

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Quotes on India & Indian Knowledge System

Quotes on India & Indian Knowledge System: For us Indians to buoy over our diffidence and inferiority complex.

The objectve of this compilation is to awaken the self confidence of the capable Indians and encourage them to engage themselves in some serious endeavours leading to some important and fundamental contribution to the world of science, art, culture, philosophy etc.

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राईट बंधूंच्या आधी विमानोड्डाण करणारा भारतीय !!

आधुनिक जगातील पहिले विमानोड्डाण अमेरिकेच्या राईट बंधूंच्याही अगोदर एका भारतीयाने केले होते. विश्वास बसत नाही? होय !! मुंबईतील वेदविद्या पारंगत श्री० शिवकर बापूजी तळपदे ह्यांनी भारद्वाज मुनींच्या ’वैमानिक शास्त्र’ या पुरातन ग्रंथावरून एका विमानाची निर्मिती केली व मुंबईच्या गिरगाव चौपाटीवर सर्व लोकांसमक्ष १८९५ वर्षाच्या जून महिन्यात त्या विमानाचे उड्डाण करून दाखवले. प्रस्तुत मानवविरहित विमान १५०० फूट उंच उड्डाण करून मग ते जमिनीवर खाली आले. (पुढे १९०३ या वर्षी म्हणजे तब्बल ८ वर्षांनी विमानविद्येचे जनक मानल्या जाणार्‍या अमेरिकेच्या राईट बंधूंच्या विमानाने केवळ १२० फूटाचे उड्डाण केले होते.)

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भारतीय ज्ञानपरंपरा (Indian Knowledge Traditions)

The westerners, especially the British who ruled India, always tried to belittle India by understating her great history, rich knowledge and unique cultural heritage. But in the last 50 years, as more and more information is getting revealed, as the result of the archaeological study or research of the ancient scripts, the western scientists, scholars, philosophers, mathematicians and logicians are getting awestruck and have no option but to concede the greatness of our ancient culture, intelligence and knowledge.

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