A History of Sanskrit Literature by Arthur A. Macdonell

Since the Renaissance there has been no event of such world-wide significance in the history of culture as the discovery of Sanskrit literature in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

In various branches of scientific literature, in phonetics, grammar, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, and law, the Indians also achieved notable results. In some of these subjects their attainments are, indeed, far in advance of what was accomplished by the Greeks.

We Europeans, on the other hand, 2500 years later, and in a scientific age, still employ an alphabet which is not only inadequate to represent all the sounds of our languages, but even preserves the random order in which vowels and consonants are jumbled up as they were in the Greek adaptation of the primitive Semitic arrangement of 3000 years ago.

The above are a few quotations from the book ‘A history of Sanskrit Literature’ by Arthur Anthony Macdonell. Some parts of the first introductory chapter, which explains the historical and cultural background of the ancient Indian civilisation, are produced at the link below.

Amrutmanthan_Introduction to A History of Sanskrit Literature by Arthur A. Macdonell


The entire book is available at the following link.


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