Marathi or Nothing, says Consumer Commission (Mumbai Mirror, 01 Dec. 2010)

“While Marathi has long been used at the consumer court, a judgment by the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission on Monday has now made it the only acceptable language for seeking even the most basic ‘daad’, or relief.”

Such policies have already been established in other states of the country. It is the practice generally followed all over the world. The basic principle underlying such a policy is that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the commonest man, even if not much educated and not conversant with any languages other than the language of the land, should not be put to any inconvenience while carrying out the normal social activities. And those activities include presenting one’s grievances by oneself before the consumer forum, without having to spend money on the lawyers.

Please read the Mumbai Mirror news item at the following link.

Amrutmanthan_Marathi or Nothing, Says Consumer Commission_Mumbai Mirror_101201

Do share your views on this issue.

– Amrutyatri Team

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