An empress of India in new clothes (by John MacLithon)

“But the moment I stepped in India I felt that there was nothing much that I could give to India, rather it was India which was bestowing me.”

“— but many of the institutions are crumbling in the West: two out of three marriages end in divorce, kids shoot each other, parents are not cared for in their old age, depression is rampant and Westerners are actually looking for answers elsewhere, in India notably.”

“One does not understand this craze to Westernise India at all costs, while discarding its ancient values.”

“And unlike China, it (India) always looks to the West for a solution to its problems.”

Read the complete article at the following link.

Amrutmanthan_An empress of India in new clothes_ John MacLithon_101124

The article has been shared with us by our friend Shri. Vinod Desai of Versova, Mumbai.

Please do share your views in the discussion column under the article.

– Amrutyatri Team


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