Marathi contribution to reforms ignored : Ramchandra Guha (Author of – Makers of Modern India)

Maharashtra was the crucible of political activism and social reforms from the late 19th century till the 1950s. That tradition of reform has been ignored.

The more I read and researched, I was sure Maharashtra had contributed to social and political reforms much more than any other part of the country.

This is what Ramchandra Guha has to say after his long research and deep study that led to the making of his book ‘Makers of Modern India’.

Read his complete interview to The Economics Times as also an excerpt from his note regarding what he has to say about the relevance of the work of the Nineteen Makers of Modern India.

Amrutmanthan_Marathi contribution to reforms ignored_Makers of Modern India_Ramchandra Guha_101107

Please do share your views on Ramchandra Guha’s perspective about the relevance of the great work of the great people who greatly influenced Making of Modern India.

– Amrutyatri Team


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