Linguistic Policy in Banking Sector – A Case of Complete Neglect in Maharashtra (Updated 22.05.2010)

As in the case of any other business, in order to provide efficient and transparent service to the people spread across this vast multi-linguist, multi-cultured country, banks too have to try and understand the local language, culture and practices of the people and establish easy communication with the people. It is precisely with this objective that the Reserve Bank of India keeps issuing various instructions and guidelines to the scheduled banks, based on the constitution of India, as well as the country’s linguistic policy. However, the extent of implementation of the Reserve Bank’s instructions pertaining to ‘localisation’ varies from state to state and as we can see, the instructions are generally being ignored by the banks especially in Maharashtra.

Now under these circumstances, what can one do to ensure that the banks in the state of Maharashtra also fall in line with the language related legal provisions as they do in the other states? Just relying on statutory bodies such as the central and state governments as well as the Reserve Bank of India is not going to help. The common people must shed their own indifference and lassitude and must do something to make certain that the banks and other enforcing bodies pay heed to the rules and ensure their implementation in letter and spirit. Since we have to achieve this in a legitimate manner, we must try and understand the basic language related provisions in the various laws together with their objectives and goals. We must also properly understand the privileges of the local language and so as to be able to convince others about the same.

Since this article discusses the legal provisions about the need for the banks to communicate with the general public in the local language; we earnestly request the readers to circulate the article to as many friends as possible. With the help of the legal references discussed in the article, we can ensure that the banks comply with the legal obligations.

The complete article is available at the following link.

Amrutmanthan_Linguistic Policy in Banking Sector-A Case of Complete Neglect in Maharashtra_100522


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– Amrutyatri Team

P.S.: The experience with the Union Bank, a public sector bank, at Panhala near Kolhapur, that prompted the author of this article Saleel Kulkarni to take up study of the language related rules in the banking sector, has been narrated in the Marathi article at the link below.पन्हाळा-एक-अनुभव-मराठी-मा/



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